Winter 1995


  • A Revolutionary in Love with the Past by John Rodden
  • Marking and Remembering by Milton Birnbaum and Robert Drake
  • Reconsidering Evelyn Waugh’s The Loved One by T.J. Ross
  • Regionalism by Donald Davidson and Theresa Sherrer Davidson
  • Russell Kirk, 1918–1994 by Stephen Tonsor
  • Santayana on the Role of Religion in Society by Jude P. Dougherty
  • Secular Gnosticism and Classical Realism by Theodore A. Young
  • The Utopia of Thomas More by Gerard Wegemer

Reviews and Comments

  • Comments on Carl Schmitt and Juan Donoso Cortes by Vincent J. McNamara
  • Jonathan Swift’s Message for Moderns by A. Owen Aldridge
  • Notes on Contributors by Editors
  • Re-Barbarizing the Western Mind by Wayne Allen
  • The Roots of Poetry by Mary E. Slayton
  • White Shoes by Louise Dauner

Current Issue

  • John Gray: In Conversation

    by Gene Callahan

  • Sohrab Ahmari vs. Capitalism

    by Allan C. Carlson

  • Ray Bradbury, Sci-Fi Traditionalist

    by Robert Dean Lurie

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