Fall 1999


  • Charles Maurras, Shaper of an Age by Thomas Molnar
  • Connections by Robert Drake
  • Irving Babbitt and Lin Yutang by A. Owen Aldridge
  • Reaction to The Road to Serfdom by Richard A. Samuelson
  • The “New Criticism” after Fifty Years by E. Catherine Dunn
  • The Moral Center and America’s Future by George W. Carey
  • The Road to Littleton an Editorial by George A. Panichas
  • Thoughts on Modern Tourism by Paul Hollander

Book Reviews

  • Illuminating Richard Weaver’s Ideas by John Attarian
  • The Elegant Exiles by Carl Guldager
  • The New Scientism by Jeremy Beer
  • The True Meaning of the Bible by Peter E. Hodgson
  • Versions of the Federalist by Kevin R. C. Gutzman


  • Rationality and Western Culture by C. L. Corey
  • Re-Constituting American Conservatism by Mark C. Henrie


  • The Cardinal’s Song by V.P. Loggins
  • The Rainbow by Louise Dauner

Current Issue

  • John Gray: In Conversation

    by Gene Callahan

  • Sohrab Ahmari vs. Capitalism

    by Allan C. Carlson

  • Ray Bradbury, Sci-Fi Traditionalist

    by Robert Dean Lurie

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